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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) redefines the digital user experience. Place your audience in a 360° world of immersive content that connects them with your brand, product or store, like never before.

Be it CGI environments or 360° live action footage, what makes VR different is the magical feeling of presence. This is when a user truly lost in the scene, forgetting reality and completely immersed in the virtual. Endless worlds await.

We conceive, design and build virtual reality experiences for all kinds of audiences and use cases.

VR Development

PIXCILE develop VR software applications for all major mobile and desktop platforms.

All leading VR Hardware

PIXCILE develop VR solutions for any of the major VR hardware brands.

A Huge Range of industries and sectors

PIXCILE develops VR solutions for a huge range of industries, sectors and use cases. Experiences include visualisation, simulation, experiential and gaming for B2C and B2B clients, in:

Architecture & Construction
Automotive & Aerospace
Education & Training
Entertainment & Leisure
Product & Retail

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Go Pro Jump Rig
Hero Mount

360° Video Production

PIXCILE produce 360 videos for an endless range of industries, sectors and use cases. Videos can be used within full VR experiences, and now in browser-based players such as YouTube 360 and Facebook.

Services include:

360 Video Production
Binaural Sound
360 Post-production
360 Live Streaming

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